Retirement is one of the most important life events many of us will ever experience. From both a personal and financial perspective, realising a comfortable retirement is an extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence. Even once it is reached, managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that lasts throughout your life. If you consider that you will be retired for an extended period of your lifetime, how will you fund this without some forward thinking.

At Crystal Asset Management, we offer our clients bespoke retirement plan options, to give you options throughout your retirement. We ask the challenging questions to really understand, where you are today, and where you want to be in the future. Our objective after determining this is, how we are going to get you to this place, and achieving all your goals.

At Crystal Asset Management, we work with world renowned providers and fund houses, to ensure we can offer you a fully international retirement package, that will give you options when you decide to retire, regardless of the country you decide to retire in. Crystal Asset Management offers a full financial plan, to include future tax planning, so that our clients are set on the right track, and in peace of mind that with some future planning and self-discipline, you can achieve your retirement goals stress free.

Our job is to get you there by delivering on targets, active portfolio management, and regular review meetings to accommodate any changing circumstances. Some of the questions you may have regarding retirement planning include:

  •    When should I start saving?
  •    What are the implications if I delay?
  •    Should I join my Employer’s scheme?
  •    How much should I contribute?
  •    Am I contributing enough?
  •    How much am I likely to receive?
  •    Can I be more tax efficient and pay more in?

Taking the decision to retire in a foreign country also means that you have made the decision not to return to your home country. This may seem obvious but – perhaps unbeknownst to you – this brings with it a wide range of international protection services and investment opportunities which you can make use of.

To find out more about retirement planning and how Crystal Asset Management can help you save for your retirement contact Crystal Asset Management today!