Protecting you and your family against illness or injury is vital when working and living abroad. At Crystal Asset Management we help you make the right choices

The benefits of international medical insurance

  • Plans are globally portable – so you can choose to have treatment wherever you are
  • More flexible and higher coverage than local medical insurance
  • Premiums are calculated on age and geographical area of coverage, NOT on claims history
  • Premiums are fixed, making them affordable no matter how much medical treatment you receive

Why chose Crystal Asset Management for medical insurance advice?

  • We can identify the right cover for individuals – or build group schemes for companies
  • We have a wide range of plans to suit all budgets
  • We understand your requirements as we have the same ourselves
  • We understand how vital it is to protect ourselves, and our families, with quality medical cover designed for all budgets.
  • We guarantee best market prices available
  • Crystal Asset Management is partnered with the best international insurers, whilst at the same time is tied to none, meaning you get the best plan at the best price.

Crystal Asset Management Services

  1. ADVISE you on your medical insurance needs
  2. ARRANGE your insurance cover with insurers to meet your requirements
  3. SEARCH the market to find the best insurance for you – and review these options every year
  4. ADMINISTER: helping you with any subsequent event or changes to your insurance policy
  5. ASSIST you with claims negotiation or insurance disputes

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