A Will allows you to choose the individuals who will benefit from your estate, i.e. everything you own, not just cash and life insurance, but other assets like your home and lifelong acquisitions.

Not writing a Will, or dying intestate, will leave horrendous and often insurmountable problems for your loved ones – those people you really want to benefit from all your hard work through your working life; potentially for generations to come.

Without a Will, your estate falls under the rules of the country in which you reside. With careful planning we can help to prevent this from happening. It is advisable to not only start thinking about a Will as soon as possible but also in every country you have assets.

How Crystal Asset Management Can Help With Your Will

  • We understand wills from an International perspective – especially when it comes to helping expats with assets in many locations.
  • We can safely guide you through the process of creating a Will, along with other estate planning issues to protect your assets.
*Crystal Asset Management do not purport to provide legal services but have access to many legal and professional service providers worldwide to help create a holistic and multi-jurisdictional solution.